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With WorkHeld you can access plans and documents as well as track expenses, working time and on-site defects – all on your tablet.


Calendar view for better task- and project distribution to employees

Speed up

Real-time updating of documents, plans and information on your tablet


Quicker reporting through image and voice recording and text input

Fast Project

Digital customer acceptance & effortless project data analysis

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Our goal is to help industrial companies go digital and be a part of the industry 4.0.


The Software “WorkHeld” enables firms to control and execute an entire project digitally. With the help of state-of-the-art technology we provide continuous assistance, up-to-date information and a constant connection of field workers with their headquarters.

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Tablet Solutions offers exciting solutions for the digitalization of assembly work as well as the manufacturing processes in industrial companies. Users are spared paperwork and have access to the latest documents and plans. This means that companies are finally taking a step towards industry 4.0.

Sonja Zimmermann CEO Livag GmbH & board member at Berndorf AG. 17. October 2016


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