WorkHeld Up Close: Release of WorkHeld 2.2

Everybody is constantly talking about progress and development, but at Tablet Solutions we take it seriously. Why we are able to say that? Because as of today a new version of our software, WorkHeld 2.2, is available for download. At Tablet Solutions we prioritize the feedback we receive from our clients and partners and we continually try to integrate it into our product – always taking new digital innovations and advancements of the international industry into account.

In this blog post we want to introduce you to WorkHeld 2.2 and to the new features we created. After hearing so much about the struggles of digitizing industrial field work we decided that there must be a way to simplify the process. The result? WorkHeld.

The features of WorkHeld are more than just features.
They are solutions.


Material management with WorkHeld 2.2

Good coordinated material management can be crucial for many things in the industrial day-to-day life. On the one hand client satisfaction is linked to it. Without a punctual movement of material, spare parts or assembly groups, work orders will not be able to completed on time. On the other hand, material management can help reduce high costs that arise through miscalculation and incorrect orders. A thorough identification of needs in direct cooperation with construction workers and service technicians can diminish wrong decisions over amount, quality and price. Additionally, optimizing the process to identify material needs and the purchasing structures will save considerable amounts of time and lead to an increase in efficiency.

With WorkHeld 2.2 we have started on conquering the topic of material management. Although we have already developed great features for this matter, there is still much more to come.

Material catalog

The WorkHeld Material Catalog is the core of a functioning material management. It is integrated in the WorkHeld Web App and the WorkHeld Mobile App which means that every WorkHeld user has access to it – not matter where they are, what they are doing or at what time of the day. It can be uploaded with a simple excel file and serves as a shopping cart, an overview of ongoing orders and a comparison platform to avoid wrong purchases.


Order spare parts for a work order

Because WorkHeld is a tablet based software, it is always on your side. This allows you to order any spare parts you need for a client directly on site with just a few clicks. With the WorkHeld Material Catalog you can easily decide which model and what amount you need, adding a required delivery date or personal notes if needed. This allows you to control the whole process and ensure a punctual repair of the machine you are working on – reducing repair time and making clients happy while doing so.


Order consumables

We developed a digital shopping cart for technicians and construction workers. When everybody is in the field during the day there needs to be a way to immediately send an order to the buying department if you run out of any of your essential consumables. WorkHeld enables you to either do that or to save everything in your shopping cart and order it at the end of the day after reviewing it once again. To make this feature even better, the integrated photo function allows you to make sure that the right consumable is ordered.


WorkHeld Support System

One of the most common myths of digitalization is that industrial workers do not enjoy working with digital technologies. Too often we hear arguments saying that employees do not want to modernize their work and that they reject new solutions. We know for a fact: this is not true. Industrial workers do not want products that are difficult to use, complicated and constantly provoke technical issues, but who can blame them? A user oriented usability is the first step to conquer this myth. With WorkHeld, we already ensure this. The second step is a functioning, fast and always available support system. With WorkHeld 2.2 we perfectionated it.

The WorkHeld Support System consists of three essential parts. The WorkHeld Support Chat in the WorkHeld Web App, the WorkHeld Web Center and the direct contact with the WorkHeld Support Team. The combination of the three allows for a frictionless support process when questions and issues arise.

WorkHeld Support Chat

WorkHeld Support Chat is a chat function in the WorkHeld Web App. It allows you to directly ask the Team Tablets questions to what you a working on. No automated responses, no robot-like conversations. With this feature, you can easily get personal answers to spontaneous questions. The reaction time of the Team Tablets has been reduced to a minimum through the WorkHeld Support Chat, so that your employees are not only able to go back to work in a short amount of time, but also feel well cared for.


WorkHeld Help Center

We can resolve many questions regarding digital products in a few seconds. Nevertheless, this requires a well-organized and detailed instruction manual to the product. The WorkHeld Help Center consists of a simple search function that automatically browses through the complete WorkHeld Documentation and searches for the right parts to solve your problem. The WorkHeld Documentation is a step-by-step guide for the software WorkHeld, expanded with numerous amounts of video material to visualize the instructions. If the answer to your question is not included in the WorkHeld Documentation you can use the WorkHeld Help center to directly email the WorkHeld Support Team. Afterwards you will be asked to rate your experience so that we can continue to optimize our structures according to our clients´ needs.


WorkHeld Support Team

We strongly believe that a great team is necessary for an optimal support system. Which is why we focused on putting together the WorkHeld Support Team. It can be either reached via email ([email protected]) or by simply calling the Tablet Solutions office.


Left: Benjamin Schwärzler, CEO and founder of Tablet Solutions

Right:Thomas Schmidt, Customer Success Manager at Tablet Solutions


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