Tablet Solutions helps industrial companies go digital.

Our tablet software – WorkHeld – supports the entire process of industrial field work such as machinery assembly, maintenance and service routines.

WorkHeld helps project managers in task distribution and resource allocation and provides field workers with real-time access to all kinds of relevant information, e.g. construction plans, stocklists, shipping documents and checklists, as well as a digital documentation and reporting functionality for conducted work.

Our clients are manufacturing and industrial production companies – global leaders in their niche. They use our product WorkHeld to increase efficiency and transparency, reduce costs and simplify the entire order execution process.

While using the advantages of digitalization is common practice in industrial engineering, the on-site production, construction, maintenance and service work is often still done in ‘the old school’ way. As a result, technicians and engineers are still using plans & documents on paper and are often entirely disconnected from the head-quarters’ information hub. We are here to change that!

We unlock efficiencies, provide transparency, reduce process costs and simplify day-to-day work for everybody involved.

Benjamin Schwärzler, MSc – CEO & Founder

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