Drag & Drop Work Order Planning


  • Work orders can be created for each customer and project individually.
  • Documents can be uploaded and added to those work orders.
  • All worksteps include individual work steps with detailed ‘to-dos’.
  • They also include a planned execution time frame.
  • Employees can be selected for individual work steps or the whole work order via drag & drop.
  • These employees automatically receive access to all information and documents related to the work order.

Start/Stop Time Tracking


  • Employees are able to commence time tracking by simply pressing the start button within the app.
  • Travel time including departure and arrival location, mileage, driver etc. can be tracked in the same manner.
  • Time tracking for a new work step can be started right after the previous was completed.
  • This ensures a detailed documentation that is easy to conduct.
  • The summarized working time per work order is shown in the working time report.
  • Working time can be subsequently be exported and evaluated separately.

Expense Tracking


  • Expenses are easily included to work steps with the exact amount and the issuing date.
  • Additionaly, a photo of the invoice can be attached.
  • The amounts are summarized in the expense report.
  • Different currencies can be used.

Defect Management


  • Construction site defects and problems can be registered precisely and filed with exact time and date.
  • Photos are used for an even more accurate documentation.
  • Photos are collected in .pdf reports to ensure the documentation of the customers acknowledgement of the faults.
  • Photos and reports can be downloaded by the coordinator via the WorkHeld web client.
  • Technicians are able to post possible solutions to the related problems.

Auto Reports with Digital Signature


  • WorkHeld offers the following reports in its standard configuration:
    • Working time report (with working time and travel time being separately displayed)
    • Expense report (including sum and invoice photos)
    • Defects report (including photos)
  • Reports can be signed directly on the tablet.
  • All reports are collected and displayed as projects and work orders by the WorkHeld web client.



  • The dashboard offers an extensive overview of the project progresses.
  • Please contact us for visualization of your individual KPIs.

Intelligent VoiceBot


  • Our intelligent VoiceBot allows you to use WorkHeld without touching the tablet.
  • Artificial intelligence allows it to learn on its on accord through voice input.
  • Request work orders and work steps simply by using voice commands.
  • VoiceBot provides a natural and intuitive user experience.

Acquisition of details on tablet


  • Tablet user can document measurements and meter readings with just a few clicks directly from the tablet.
  • After the synchronization the head office receives all details about the work order immediately.
  • Photos can be added to the documentation.
  • The details will be displayed either in a seperate section in the final report or in a specified audit report.

Map View


  • The map view provides the field workers with an overview of all open work orders and their locations.
  • This allows then to decide in which order to work on them.
  • This efficient route planning allows technicians to save time when they are on the road.

Material management


  • The material catalog in the WorkHeld Web App allows coordinators to constantly supervise material consumption.
  • Contructors and Service technicians can order needed consumable material directly with their tablet.
  • A function to order spare parts for specific work orders is also included in the WorkHeld Mobile App.
  • Project coordinators are provided a constantly updated list of ongoing material orders in the WorkHeld Web App.

Installed Base Management


  • Keep a repository of all units installed along with relevant information which will be useful for the service technicians on site.
  • Maintenance and service work on an equipment can be documented and reports can be created to show activities related to the installed base.
  • Additionally, each equipment is geocoded so even an off road location will be easy to localize.