Benjamin Schwärzler, MSc
CEO / Founder
The founder of Tablet Solutions GmbH, after receiving his SIMC Diploma at WU Vienna, decided that he wanted to turn the world of industrial companies upside-down. He loves long rides on his Vespa, exercises hard for Wimbledon 2050 and almost never turns down a new adventure.
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Christine Geier, MBA
As an expert in SAP based mobile field solutions, Christine found a new challenge as Chief Operating Officer at Tablet Solutions. Her years of experience in IT management and team leadership skills definitely come in handy with her new tasks. Her love for mountain climbing, art and music made it easy to make Austria her new home.
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Josef Heidegger
Lead Developer
Vigorously conquering Europe’s downhill trails is what he does when he is not climbing up the industry 4.0 olymp with #teamtablets. With or without a bike – the mountains are where Josef is at home. He adds the same motivation when regularly building up the team spirit and persuading Team Tablets for after-work-gatherings in the bar next door.
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DI Andreas Kuntner
Mobile Developer
There are 10 types of things that are important to Andreas and all of them concern programming and his mountain bike. His remarkable experience in developing mobile apps makes him a perfect fit for #TeamTablets and a key asset on our mission to revolutionize machinery assembly, service and maintenance work.
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Gergő Nagy
Junior Web Developer
Gergö is the hungarian addition to the Tablet Solutions Developer Team. As a Junior Developer he is passionate about building websites, learning new technologies and programming languages. Besides his love for Web Development he enjoys spending his time on the basketball court, a sport he has been playing since he was 7 years old.
Stefan Stift, MSc
Backend Developer
As a passionate Java developer Stefan loves the challenge that comes with modelizing complex domains. In addition to his professional career he also programs the back end of several apps in his spare time. Music is a major part of his life - not only is he playing in multiple orchestras, he is also the bandmaster of the musical society in his hometown.
Jœrg Christoph Mathis
Customer Success Manager
Starting August Joerg is supporting the #teamtablets as the new customer success manager and the second Vorarlberger in the office. Motivated about the chance to prove himself he is looking forward to stirring up the Austrian industry. In his free time he enjoys exploring unknown places – never mind if that’s the small street around the corner or a faraway country.
Julia Neuhold, BA
Marketing & PR
After graduating from FH St. Pölten with a Bachelor's degree and even now during her Master degree in London Julia is responsible for Marketing and Public Relations at #TeamTablets. Naturally very curious and open-minded, she loves to create and try out new things and is also an avid traveller and always keen to discover new cultures and people.
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Christoph Kopka
Growth Hacker
Following his interest in IT and Design, Christoph has made his way as an Growth Hacker to #TeamTablets, where he is now responsible for digital marketing. He is trying to stay active in his free time by playing tennis or dodgeball, he also is an admirer of Korean TV-Shows.


Dr. Rudolf Knünz
Dr. Rudolf Knünz is a board member and majority shareholder of UIAG and holds 78% of the shares of ski producer Kästle. Through the Knünz GmbH he is invested in several startups with a technological USP in niche markets und supports their expansion.
Mag. Sonja Zimmermann
Mag. Sonja Zimmermann is the CEO of Livag GmbH and a board member at Berndorf AG.
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