How WorkHeld works

WorkHeld stands for an increase in efficiency in industrial companies. Through the digitalization of the project process, from the assignment of work orders to the signature of the client, WorkHeld enables businesses to be a part of the industry 4.0. The software-application creates a platform that supports an effective order processing, helps distribute information in real-time and simplifies the communication with mobile field workers. Built on the individual needs of all involved workers, WorkHeld offers advantages for every employee from coordinator and technicians to departments heads and business managers.


WorkHeld employment along the whole work process


Benefits for Coordinators

  • digital provision of documents and information for field workers
  • uncomplicated job scheduling of employees
  • real-time progress monitoring
  • tracking of work and travel hours
  • overview of assigned tasks and aligned workers
  • frictionless processing of reported data

Benefits for Technicians

  • simple recording of work and travel hours as well as expenses
  • work documentation using images, voice recordings and text input
  • offline availability
  • better navigation through plans, documents, forms and relevant information on your tablet
  • no manual post-processing necessary through automated creation of digital work reports on your tablet

Benefits for Team Leaders

  • improved reporting frequency
  • more efficient communication between back office and field workers
  • structured classification of costs and work hours per worker, order, project or construction site
  • possibility of quick real-time reaction
  • processing and approval of work hours, both internally and externally
  • better job documentation helping reveal discrepancies, errors, etc.

Benefits for Managers

  • improved dashboard, analytics and data processing for reports and forecasts
  • detailed and automated cost allocation
  • simple addressing of regulation and compliance needs
  • project risk reduction through higher information frequency
  • efficiency increase by 10-20% throughout the entire process
  • increased customer satisfaction through quick integration of client requests and feedback

Benefits for Company Owners

  • reduced project risk due to high information frequency
  • easy communication of progress to customers
  • higher transparency leading to increased¬†customer satisfaction and trust
  • more flexible response-methods to customer requests
  • potential annual savings are 1.5 – 2 times the annual license fee

Data Security

We take issues with data security very seriously. For this reason, WorkHeld will be running on Microsoft Azure Germany, in order to ensure maximum data security. All customer data will be stored in Germany and regulated by European data security law. As a customer, you will have full access to your data while a German data trustee makes sure that no one else does without your permission. Neither Microsoft nor any other foreign entity will be able to access your data.

The same rules also apply for actual physical access to the German data centers. Microsoft employees will be supervised by an employee of the data trustee while they are in one of the server rooms.

To sum it all up:

  • All data will be stored in Germany
  • German data centers are independent from the public cloud network
  • Strict compliance with requirements and certifications
  • A German data trustee controls physical and logical access to customer data

For more infos about Microsoft Azure Germany and data security, please visit Microsoft’s website.

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